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Our project aims to engage individuals from rural and urban communities living near the sites of Kaymakçı, Sardis, Koç University students and members of the general public in both Istanbul and the Manisa region. 


We have a number of events associated with the project including two cooking workshops, an exhibition in Istanbul and a forthcoming cookbook. 



May - September 2022

Through a series of workshops we will investigate the way globalization, economic prosperity and an increasing female workforce has impacted gender roles, community dynamics and food acquisition and consumption in the area around the archaeological sites of Sardis and Kaymakçı.



Fall 2023

A bilingual (Turkey/English) audiovisual exhibition will be held in ANAMED (Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations) in Istanbul. It will incorporate data from our archaeobotanical research and our collaborative workshops, highlighting sustainable food practices over the longue durée and the current struggle with modernity.



Fall 2023

A cookbook, associated with the exhibition, will be published by Koç University Press, and will present recipes and detailed commentaries arising from the knowledge acquired during our workshops.

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